Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Restaurant Table Computers

Today was a first.  I walked into a steak house restaurant in the suburbs.  On our table was a computer screen.  "What is this?" I asked, being of the computer Stone Age.  Well, now you can pretty much avoid the waitperson and they you.  You tap the "order" icon on the screen and place your order.  When you want to pay, you tap the "pay" button and your bill comes up.  You pay on line with your credit card.  All the waitperson does is bring food and clean up the finished plates, refresh drinks stuff.  I am OK with paying on line, but I prefer some interaction with the staff when I sit down.  Specials?  Food recommendations?  How is your day, and stuff like that makes for a more interactive restaurant experience.  We are all on this planet together or else we will isolate to our own destruction.  I am not one to walk around with ear buds hanging from my ears connected to a smart phone I hold in my hand.  Looking around my town, I see that I am becoming so "yesterday."  The question is, "Will there be a tomorrow, and what will it be, if we ignore those around us?"


  1. A few yrs. ago, an Anglican church in England experimented in "hearing" Confessions over [cell] phones "for convenience" I haven't seen the follow up result. Alas, a remote administration of the Sacrament [of Penance]? No "confess" that manner for me, Father. More recently I used Reconciliation Room. // Ray Lew, San Francisco

  2. Father Terry ,
    I am a restaurant owner and the reason that this restaurant is using touch screen ordering , and many more to follow, is that everyone is voting to drastically increase the minimum wage to well over $15 per hour. Restaurant profit margins are tight, so laws that falsely protect employees, actually put their jobs at risk. Most restaurants will have to dramatically increase prices, and find a way to operate with less staff, hence the computer screen to interact with.

  3. My Boulder neighbor does Reiki over the phone. Go figure....