Sunday, November 20, 2016


Sometimes you will see a priest wearing a ring that looks like a wedding band.  It is meant to signify that he is the bride married to Christ the bridegroom.  It comes from the Song of Songs imagery in the Bible.  I never did get a ring.  I am still too flawed with selfishness and self-will.  When I was ordained, I thought that maybe I would now become "good."  It did not take.  I stayed selfish.  I am not ready to marry Christ.  I see myself as still dating in my prayer and work.  I am inconsistent in being good and doing good.  Sometimes I can do good things, but I might be grumpy, or pray, but only to try and get God to change God's mind to give me what I want, or avoid what I don't want.  I am still too much about me to be married to God.  As I look around I see other people who said, "I do," but they did not change either.  I dodged that bullet.  God is at work still in my life.

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  1. Churchmen of episcopal rank always wear a ring. By your musing, some shouldn't, since they are "married" to legalistic careerism, not to the Beatitudes as Pope Francis is working on reforming mind set. // Ray Lew, SF