Monday, November 21, 2016


There is a saint, a martyr, I believe, named Barbara.  She had very long hair.  She had been imprisoned in a tower, probably because she made some nobleman upset that she did not do what he wanted.  Barbara is the backstory for the fairy tale, Rapunzel.  Nice girl, unjustly imprisoned by some ugly person.  Fairy tales may not be true literally, but they have truth in them for they are based upon reality.  You might say, a fairy tale should be taken seriously but not literally.  A fairy tale has truth in it, but not literal truth.  Our modern world has made fairy tales into simple stories for children with no meaning for real world adults.  Mystics know better.  Oh, I pray to St. Barbara for parking places.  In San Francisco this is a rare occurrence.  We all need extra help.

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