Saturday, November 26, 2016

Self Management

I cannot run my life by myself.  Self-management does not bring optimal results.  I need help, advice, companions on the journey, a spiritual time of pray.  Without these efforts at second opinions, the only thing that I do alone is self-inflict pain, resentment, judgment and a dose of irritability.  Alone, I seem to suffer general discontent.  So I don't try to run the show on my own.  This of course goes up against rugged individualism, the self-made person, strong-willed person.  I do have a strong will, but it is usually riotous when given full reign.  This is one of the best reasons I have for early morning prayer, and evening examination of my day.  In the morning I set my preferences, not "must happen" plans.  I try to be open to the unexpected, the stranger, to get a sense that I am connected with all the world around me.  I ask for help, knowing I well need it.  Bad things can happen, and do.  But I have found that a lot of the pain from them can often be diminished by my attitude and spiritual condition.  

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