Monday, January 22, 2018

Chrsitian Unity

We are in the midst of the National Week of Prayer For Christian Unity.  What is this all about, especially since I doubt many people in Christian Churches won't be hearing about it.  But it is important to people like me and other Paulist Priests since we work in Dialoging with people who are baptized but not Catholic.  This dialogue has several purposes.  First, it may keep Christians from killing one another.  Second, it allows us to learn from each other about our beliefs.  Third, it may help us to work together for the common good of the geographic areas where we live near to one another.  This often shows up in social services for those who need them.  Many people prefer not to talk about religion and politics.  Why not?  Jesus did.  He would ask questions instead of telling people what they "should" do or think.  I don't tell someone, "I am completely right and you are so wrong that you will burn."  This is not dialogue.  There is no listening or respect for the wisdom that others might have to contribute to our religious path.  So many people want a religion that is "correct" and so correct that everyone else must be so wrong.  So in this week, why not drop into a local church denomination that is not your own, and thank them for being there for the community where you live.  It might make someone's day!

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