Friday, January 12, 2018

The Bottom

What is a "Bottom."  I hear people say, "I hit my bottom."  For me, a bottom might be enough of what has been getting in the way of my being all that I am made to be.  Bottoms get in the way of wholeness, fulfillment.  Think of a bottom as an elevator.  Some people have had enough of bad behavior, bad lifestyle, bad job, relationships, diet, weight sooner than other people with the same issue.  So some people hit their bottom on the second floor, some on first floor and some have to go all the way to the sub-basement.  But each person knows when they have had enough of bad stuff, have lost control, and are sufficiently miserable.  Whenever we hit our own personal bottom, that is when we might begin to look for another way to happiness, fullness, peace, joy, and usefulness.  As humans we will always be flawed in some way, but we don't have to be suicidal, and destructive about it.  Usually, to get out of a bottom we need some guides, that is, people who understand our mess from their own personal experience.  We have been actively dying due to choices, or the inability to any longer choose.  Now we want a path for living.  It is usually better to do this new life process with a group rather than try going it alone.  Alone, we seem to mess up.  Our will power is all we have when alone, and it is broken by the time we hit our bottom.  If you don't think that you are miserable enough to change, then keep to your present behavior.  You still need to go down a floor or two.  Alone, you never go up.  I have found it so.

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