Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Eve The Scientist

The first scientist was a woman, Eve.  Why?  She was curious.  She did not stay with the status quo.  She wanted to know more and believed there was more to know.  In traditional religion it seems that there is never more to know.  Religion has tradition.  It tells you all there is to know.  The questions have been asked and answered.  Science does not work that way.  Science is open to the new, to development, to the modern.  The past is aways questioned.  Science says, "I think so, but I am not sure."  Socrates and Einstein said this among countless others.  Eve wanted to taste the apple.  God said no, cased closed.  She says "Why?"  It is human to be plunged into the mystery of uncertainty, to explore.  Religious faith seems to be about certainty.  Is it really faith if it is certainty?  Or does faith seek certainty to avoid fear?  Yes, Eve did have it rough after that, but she also became more of a human being, after she ate the apple.  A lot of people fear becoming more human because it is more painful to grow, to enter into mystery, to know that you don't know.  This is why so many people would rather not get involved in contemplative prayer.  Here you let go of all your intellectual certainty, but you then can enter into the deeper Truth.  There is always more, and less.

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