Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva was not named after a chocolate.  She came first.  She was the wife of a rich lord and she wanted him to lower the oppressive taxes that he had heaped upon the people.  Her husband said he would do it if she dared to ride through the town village naked on a horse.  Because of her compassion for the suffering of her people she did just that.  True to his word, the lord lowered the oppressive taxes.  So don't be putting our Lady Godiva down for being a nut case and exhibitionist.  And if you want the government to lower taxes, well, you have the Godiva example.  Of course she was married to the political top person in the local realm.  So I don't know that the Godiva solution would translate into today's political realities.  Then on the other hand you can always buy me some dark chocolate Godiva bars.  It won't lower taxes, but it would make this blogger very happy 😇

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