Friday, January 5, 2018

Mass And Energy

I found out that Astrophysicists say that 95% of the total mass and energy content of the universe is dark.  We tend to call it space, the dark between the stars.  We think of it as empty.  That is because we are dummies, or at least I am.  Dark really means that there is stuff in that space, but I cannot see it.  The stuff is invisible to me.  But there is still something there, a lot there.  I experience emptiness, nothingness.  I judge the universe by by experience.  Don't we do the same with the God exists or does not exist question?  We judge on our experience.  People will say that there is no God because they experience nothing.  The universe tells us that the experience of nothing is not nothing.  It is simply our judgment of things from our limited perspective.  With the Epiphany, (The Three Magi) coming up, there is the saying that "in the darkness is a great light."  It just looks like darkness.  If there is a God, why does such an existent hide out in plain sight like that?  I wonder if God knows that when things are way obvious we tend to ignore them.  There is an obvious tree outside?  How much attention does it get from you in your busy self-absorbed day?  No, God hides out from me, so that I have to go deeper into a more contemplative place, letting go of all my important thoughts and ideas, to just sit in the darkness.  Then, surprise!

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