Friday, January 19, 2018

Tank Of Water

There is nothing wrong or bad about a tank of water in itself.  But if you want to breathe air, you would not immerse yourself in the tank of water.  That would be dysfunctional.  So it is with the desire for some solitude and silence in your life.  There is nothing wrong with the ordinary comforts and pleasures of life or with many events that call for our attention.  But if we want some silence and solitude, say in meditation, then we will have to detach ourselves at times from all these other things. What is harmless in moderation is an obstacle in interior prayer that would deepen our spiritual life.  We have to make some empty space for the deepening to take place.  The world is not to be ignored or avoided, but rather set aside each day for a bit of sanity and growth in our life.

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