Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The ABC Witches

The ABC Witches

Once upon a time there was a Kingdom called “Wonder.”  It existed in the land of San Francisco, though few people who lived in San Francisco ever noticed the Kingdom of Wonder.  You needed to be a witch to live there, and a good witch to truly enjoy it.  A good witch was one who would notice the beauty in all things around them, be it flowers, trees, water, sand, animals and people.  The residents of San Francisco, non-witches, would simply pass right by all this beauty or find it a bother, and never “wonder” much about anything of interest.  

Now there were three good witches in the Kingdom.  They were Alessandra, Betta and Cristina, known as the ABC witches for the first letters in their names.  They simply noticed a flower blooming, and would stop to admire it, and give thanks for its wonder of existence.  Even a leaf would hold their breath.  They simply loved all the world around them.  They wondered at the world of San Francisco technology, though they were sad that it kept people rushing about, being crabby and seeing so little of nature.  

Now there was an evil witch in the land and she hated the happiness of the ABC witches.  So she devised a plan where the three witches, now grown up,  would become spinsters and never find love from boys who came out of the Lake of Boys in search of a good witch.  How the boys were born in the Lake is a mystery for another story.  Nevertheless, a boys were supposed to come up out of the water, swim to land and search for a good witch.  So the bad witch put a spell on a dog, and made him want to chew on big rocks, to whittle them down to small pebbles.  Then the witch would take the pebbles, throw them one by one across the top of the Lake to entice boys to jump up out of the water, and then zap them with her magic wand, so they would never leave the Lake.  The good witches, though they were great wonderers, were sad that there were no boys for them.  Betta, who like to sleep a lot, wanted a boy who well, liked to sleep.  Alessandra wanted one with a hairy face.  Cristina wanted someone who was smart. 

The dog was very unhappy, as you can imagine.  It ate rocks!  One day, when the bad witch was asleep, the dog wandered away from the shore, into the high grass.  The ABC witches heard him, and of course wandered at his dogginess.  Cristina approached the dog and saw that he had a name tag.  It read “Scott.”  When she said Scott, the dog perked up his nose and bumped her on the chin.  Christina fell backward, but recovered and gave the dog a hug.  Scott seemed to like this, though he still preferred rocks to Cristina.   Cristina decided that she would befriend the dumb dog who ate rocks, since no boys were about yet.  

“We must break this spell,” exclaimed the ABC witches.  Or else we will have no boys to love.  “Let us go find a good wizard who can break the spell of Scott eating rocks,” said cCristina.  Cristina consulted eBay and found a nearby wizard named T. Patrick.  What the “T” stands for is a puzzle.  Off they went with Scott to the wizard.   Now the wizard lived high on a mountain far outside the land of San Francisco.  ABC, though good Wonderers, were not in very good shape, so they were quite tired when they finally got to the mountain top, stopping along the way to admire stuff and catch their breath.  The dog, Scott, seemed to have no trouble with the climb.  

When they reached the mountain top, they found a cave, with a sign that said, “No one gets to see the great T.”  “Oh, dear,” said Betta, who was in need of a nap as she yawned.  But then there was an instruction about breaking spells, written on a stone at the entrance.  Scott lunged for the stone, but Alessandra quickly pulled him back as Cristina read the stone.  it said, “To break a spell of the wicked witch, you must make a good pasta dinner for the wizard.”  An arrow pointed to a big bush.  Behind the bush the ABC witches found a full kitchen with all the makings for a pasta dinner.  As Betta was falling asleep and Alessandra was holding Scott back from eating rocks, Cristina did the cooking and presented the dinner in front of the cave.   A voice from within the cave thundered, “You call that Italian!”  The voice woke up Betta and Scott got all excited.  

“Forgive us oh wizard,” said Cristina, “We are mere witches, though good ones, and desperate for boys to love.”  The voice from within softened a bit, “I get cranky when hungry, so go away, and if I like your cooking enough, I will break the spell.”  The witches walked away, hopeful, with Scott and started down the mountain promising one another that they would learn to cook better Italian, in case they needed to go back to the wizard.  But then the miracle happened as they walked.  Scott suddenly changed into a handsome boy.  The evil witch had made him a dog to eat rocks for her scheme.  The wizard must have been really hungry, as he broke the spell. The ABC witches wondered at Scott, as they did so many things.   On his shirt that he wore, said, “Techie Smart.”  Cristina instantly fell in love with him.  Since he had neither a  hairy face nor looked very sleepy, A and B had less interest in him. 

Cristina remembered from eBay, that the wizard, T. Patrick, also did weddings.  Up they mountain they bounded, full of the energy from love and the breaking of the spell.  The wizard married Cristina and Scott, while Alessandra and Betta were witnesses.  They are currently living happily ever after, though Scott occasionally looks longingly at a rock. Italian food seems to cure him, plus Cristina’s love.  Alessandra and Betta are waiting by the Lake of Boys for a bearded one and a sleepy one to come forth.   Neither is practicing her Italian cooking. 

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