Sunday, January 21, 2018

Steven McDonald

Steven was a NYC policeman.  He was shot and paralyzed by a suspected thief.  Steven survived but could not move from the neck down.  He decided that since the person he was is gone, he needed to replace the old with something new.  He chose the way of forgiveness, so he would be free of emotions that prevented him from loving his family and others.  He went and forgave the fellow who shot him.  Steven was determined that he would not be defined by his disability.  He gave public speeches on the power of forgiveness that might break the cycle of violence that struck him with those three bullets.  He thought that if you are working to keep your body fit and your mind sharp, why not work on the spirituality of the heart too?  So, the next time you are planning your day of physical exercise and mental efforts, why not ask if you have set aside any time to work on the exercise of the heart for improved loving.  Steven McDonald died last year.


  1. Father Ryan, this really touched me. I googled - and found an awesome post about the family, quotes from his wife and story of his son's recent accomplishments and plan to marry. Thank you for giving me this blessing today. Prayers for you from Horseshoe Bay! ~ Francie Dix

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