Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I don't see why people with big, fat egos, who always want the spotlight to shine on them, would have any interest in the Christmas idea that God would be a baby?  A baby is little.  It is helpless and pretty powerless to do for themselves.  It relies on others for survival.  It needs love.  The ego person is all about power.  If God is the baby in the manger, then Christmas is a celebration of littleness, not bigness.  Those who involve themselves in the Christian religion might want to celebrate and love their own littleness.  This would be so counter to a culture that focuses on empowerment, control, self-reliance, and never pooping in your pants.  Sometimes I get whining about wanting to be noticed as more important, a bigger deal.  Why?  It was not a big issue with God, and I am supposed to be a believer in God and a follower of God tenants. So now I try to focus on the baby in the manger, and say it is OK to be little in the eyes of others, and in my own view of self.  But never poop in my pants.  If I live long enough that too may come!

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