Monday, January 29, 2018

Driverless Days

If you find yourself aging to the point where you think you may soon not be able to drive, don't sell the house and go into assisted living.  By 2020, only two years away, some CEO types are saying that you won't need a car.  If you want to go somewhere you just pick up your smart phone and call for a car.  Don't worry about some driver answering the request.  There won't be a driver.  The car is all computerized.  It comes around to your address and takes you where you want to go, church, shopping, social event and so on.  You only pay for the miles used on the trip.  And if this is so, then why would anyone think about buying a new car to drive themselves?  Tech savvy Millennials are not shopping for cars.  The car industry is freaking out a bit over this.  If you are a senior citizen you probably are not planning on driving all over the country anymore.  Car trips will be local and repetitive.  Keep the home.  Get a smart phone.

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