Saturday, January 20, 2018

God At Home

Referring to a blog on “Holy Family” a few days ago, I gave a definition of “home.”  Home is where you can go and receive love and acceptance without having to do anything, or prove ourselves, or be utilitarian.  Now many believers say that God lives within each one of us.  If so, how do you believers make God feel at home?  Are you always asking for something from God?  I wonder if God would feel at home where God always has to be doing something to make someone in the home happy?  It sure would not feel much like home to me.  That is why I think contemplative prayer, where you do not ask God for anything, or to do anything, is the most home-like for God.  You  are in silence and solitude, simply enjoying being with God.  The contemplative does not even ask God to give them a good, warm experience.  Just being together is enough.  This to me makes the best home for God.  Let God be with you without any focus on your self-interest, your needs or wants.  There are plenty other prayers and times for you to chatter away.

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  1. Dear Fr Terry, thank you for that beautiful image of our hearts being the home for God in contemplative prayer. Hope to see and hear you again in Snowmass later this year.

    Kind regards