Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Grateful Service

If you are grateful for something that you have why not be of service to others in that area?  How might this work?  If are a grateful Mom, be of some help to other Moms who may be struggling as Moms.  It might be new Moms with little experience, maybe overwhelmed by baby, home, work stuff.  If you are grateful for your being newly married, why not be of service to other newly married persons.  You might form a church group or neighorhood club for newly married.  If you are grateful for you single life, your career, your divorce from a dreadful partner, your new neighborhood home, why not get together with like people and be of some service to them.  Single adults, lawyer women or men groups, divorced, single parent groups, sewing groups, quilting groups are all ways that you can live out your gratefulness and pass it on to others.  As someone said, "Service is gratitude in action."

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