Wednesday, January 10, 2018

School Day

If you want to feed your capacity for kindness, generosity and humility, than try paying attention to a child who wants to tell you about her world, such as her school day.  I did this recently with my 10 year old friend, Maggie.  We were at an elegant adult dinner on NewYear's Eve.  Two adults were in animated conversation with each other, and there was Maggie and I sitting at the table.  So I paid attention, asking questions, about her teacher, a day at school and so on.  In other words, I entered into her world.  Maggie was very animated and into the subject of her school days, so I don't think I bored her.  But even if I did, at least I was trying to practice being kind and generous with my time for her.  The results of our conversation are not up to me.  I can only make the effort.  Children seem to like that.  You might try it.  It might make you a better person.

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  1. Great point. Sane can be said for conversing with seniors, especially those with severe hearing loss.