Thursday, January 18, 2018

Whose Life Are You Living?

Am I living the life God chose for me?  Or, if you have god issues of belief, are you living the life that is truly you?  It takes some people time to figure this out, but they do if they are open to change.  Gandhi was a lawyer in South Africa before he became the Mahatma in India.  Jesus was a small village carpenter before he became the Jesus of the New Testament.  Einstein could not get work in his chosen field so he became a patent clerk, but kept up work in his chosen field.  Then came the Theory of Relativity, the idea that light curves, and so on.  I was a stockbroker.  But even when we find our fulfilling life work/relationship, we have to keep working on it.  There is no generic "Paulist priest."  Each of us, within a framework of "Paulist" have to develop our personal way, or charism for ministry.  So we have anything from Busted Halo radio to teaching contemplative prayer.   So, within your field of vocation of work, and life, you become who your truly are, in that life.  No two mothers are the same or fathers.  It is a day at a time job.  Even aging will be unique to each person.

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