Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Calling

Paul Kalanithi said, " Putting lifestyle first is how you find a job---not a calling."  Lifestyle would include, pay, hours, work environment and might include city where you live.  I had all of that at one time.  I lived in a popular city, with good hours, environment and pay and housing.  But I did not feel called to the work.  Moreover, I was looking for a calling even if I could not use use that word.  Some people use the word, "Vocation," but for me that is too churchy or religious.  Calling can be something that a broad range of people seek.  I would ask questions such as, "What is the meaning of my life?"  "Why am I here at this time in this place?"  People who seemed satisfied with lifestyle were not asking this question.  Some might have been stuck in situations due to previous decisions.  I think that I have found my calling, at least for the now, which is all I have.  I make little money, have little control over my living situation, own a 25 year old car, but seem to feel that I am doing what is my calling, teaching about contemplative prayer to a small audience who seek me in their spiritual search.  And I write this blog daily too.  I am in San Francisco now where I just finished teaching two sessions, one with eight people and the other with four.  Maybe I am delusional about my calling in my field of teaching.  Ever hopeful! I have no regrets about giving up lifestyle.  Well, some regrets about the 25 year old car.


  1. Lifestyle is a good word to describe the way people live.

  2. I'm hoping you are scheduling summer talks in Snowmass. I'm calling.

  3. Giving and receiving Spiritual Direction is gratifying