Sunday, February 26, 2017


There is a saying that when you plan revenge, first dig two graves.  What?  Well, the anger energy behind revenge will hinder your spiritual development.  You will be hurting yourself as you plot and enact your revenge plan.  Though you may feel your anger justified, you might be paying a heavy price.  You will definitely hurt yourself.  What your efforts do to your neighbor you are not so sure.  So it is with fear.  Lots of self-damage. Fear keeps reliving events, real or imagined, that change us for the worse, but effect the event not at all.   With old resentments you may never forget the events, but you need not relive them.  The memory can hold lots of things, but spiritual paths keep them as past events that do not effect our present moment.  The present moment is a gift.  Why waste it on the past.

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