Thursday, February 16, 2017

La La Land

In the movie, "La La Land," each of the main characters, in love with one another, are unable to make a total commitment to their relationship, because they make a total commitment to their career goals.  They succeed in reaching their career goals, their dreams for personal success, using their gifts and talents.  But at what price?  What is the loss?  Mia says, before she goes off to Paris for her big break in movie acting, "I will love you always."  I suspect she is right about her feelings.  Did you ever give up a great love, for work, career, dream or geographic?  Mia and Sabastian did.  In the world's eye they are both very successful and fulfilled.  They have that.  I ask myself, "What is my great love?"  "Who is my great love?"  I think I know my who and what.  When I get up in the morning I need to attend to my heart early on in my priorities.  The heart holds my truth.  This truth need not be a dream I pursue, but a gift I have discovered.  Love is gift.  For me it has always been a person. For me, prayer is always a kiss.

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