Thursday, February 2, 2017

Holy Guru

I used to complain in my blogs about my church and what should change.  Lots of disgruntled people read those blogs.  Ego massaged.   Then I realized that none of us changed, especially me, by complaining about religion.  So I became less focused on such churchy topics.  I seemed to have morphed into talking honestly, maybe too honestly, about spiritual stuff in my own life.  I figured that readership would drop to my loyal sisters and my friend Jessica in Atlanta, with all this honesty.  That would be three readers.  Ego crushed?  Who cares.  It seems that such blogs are helping me!  But something strange seems to be happening.  Lots of readers and Facebook friend requests are coming into my blog.  Don't people want gurus who are faultless?  Wisdom untainted by darkness?  Painless happiness?  Apparently, not my readers.  Even the teachers at our local Catholic school are not changing the locks on the doors after reading a blog.  Or have you changed the locks but didn't send me the memo?  Gotta go, see if my key still fits.

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