Monday, February 6, 2017

Falling In Love II

Continuing with yesterday's blog thoughts, I can also have lots of miscommunications with God in prayer and expectations.  Then I tend then to get upset.  I would not get upset if I thought God did not exist, or that God was powerful but did not care.  So why get upset and then maybe ignore God and prayer? Because I am in love with God, tepid, lukewarm, or passionate, depending on me.  It is the same reason I got upset that Carol did not pay attention to me on what I thought was a get together at the beginning of our relationship.  I was in love.  If I am going to relate to God as Love, and love God, there will be pain.  It comes with love.  There will be miscommunication, plus God has plans too.  I am not the center of anyone's universe even if we are in love.  Love does not feed my self-centeredness or need to be special, or control another person.  If I want a God with no pain, I will need to find another god.  My God is Love.  I try not to worship persons or put then on pedestals.  No sane person wants that, nor can love exist in such an environment.  Even God does not want to be on a pedestal which is why my God seems to show up in very ordinary and anonymous situations.


  1. Eventually all love hurts. It's a small price to pay! ๐Ÿ˜‡

  2. Better to take risk Love and get hurt from feeling abandoned or even annihilated than not chance it. I experienced it in my 70+ yrs!