Saturday, February 11, 2017


What do you hope for, if anything?  More money? Someone to love?  A job/career? Good health for self or others?  These to me are all peripherals.  They may be part of something that I hope for, but they are not the center of my hope.  My hope is for purpose and meaning in my life.  We are all surrounded by the finite.  I am finite from the day I am conceived.  A career may wane as energy sifts away and age grows in length of time.  Money income may vary.  Death can claim loved ones.  But meaning and purpose can go on even though it may change given circumstances of our life.  I think we recover from the grief of loss by finding meaning and purpose in our lives that may very well connect with our loss.  I know people who have lost seemingly everything but breath due to addiction.  They recovered by finding meaning and purpose in their life beyond all their losses.  Even the scars of addiction have become part of their new meaning and purpose.  Read, "When Breath Becomes Air" and you will see how Paul Kalanithi found meaning and purpose in his dying from cancer in the midst of a brilliant career.  So, what is the meaning and purpose of your life?  What is your hope?  Today.

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