Friday, February 17, 2017


In the movie, "Fences," Troy is very defensive about his taking care of his family with food, shelter, a steady job, and being home every night.  He lets everyone else know that, though in his own angry fashion.  He feels unappreciated in his Herculean success.  Some people, from other cultures, would look at this and say what is the big deal?  Isn't this what is expected of a husband/father?  Not in Troy's world.  In his world he is special and unique.  The culture he grew up in, men did not make good fathers or husbands.  Even Troy has three children by three different women.  He cheated on his present wife.  But to him it all makes some sense because he did so much more than African American men he has known.  Though he thinks he is better than others he is a bitter man.  He never abandons his children, though he might make them know they owe him something for his being physically and economically there for them. Emotionally, not so much.  Don't we all need to let go of slights, hurts, prejudices lest we give all our emotions over to our wounds and have nothing for others?  Fortunately, in the end, Troy was not judged by God, as it is intimated in the movie that Troy got lifted up after death.  God is always forgiving and compassionate.  Those are two things to practice if you want to free up some emotional energy from a twisted past.

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