Saturday, February 25, 2017

Noah's Ark

It was pointed out to me that God did not give Noah any instructions for a sail or a rudder for the ark. Noah might be in charge of keeping safe and dry, survival, but he was not going to be in charge of destination or direction.  Follow instructions but don't be concerned about where you are going.  God will lead you, is what Noah needed to know and trust.  So I try to ask God to help me to keep safe, that is, to keep my head above water.  But I try to let God lead me through the day.  God is going to be my rudder and sail.  I have my plans, but they are just my plans hatched from my self-will, and my judgment about what is best.  Left to my own self-will, my life will go around in circles or go two ways at once.  I barely survived living a riotous life of self-will.  God will direct my day if I am open.

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