Friday, February 10, 2017


What allows us to be deeply in love?  I ask this about the God relationship, but think of it in terms of persons or even work.  I find that being grateful is the path to deep love.  I love friends, God, work because I am grateful for them, or it in my life.  What good is it to get rid of some bad behavior, addiction, dead end life, if you are not going to fall in love and find fulfillment that feeds your deepest self?  People get sober, enter into meditation, eat better, exercise better, sleep better, but then what or for what?   I believe it is so that we can have some relationship(s) that we call being "deeply in love. " I am so grateful for friends, work and the God I have found in my "healthier" and saner life.  If each day, I can early on remember to be grateful for all that I have in my life, I will have a better, that is, more loving day.  It will not matter how many people attend my talks or how much money I make, as that I am grateful for the opportunity to do something that gives meaning to me.  My morning awakening prayer does not begin with "give me, give me," but with "thank you for my many gifts."  My sister, Maureen was a gift too.  Wow. Revelation!

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