Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Bowl

This is not so much about football or sports.  It is about giving up or making judgments before all the info is in.  I do both.  In the recent Super Bowl, the one with that Gaga good Catholic girl from New Jersey, the game seemed over by halftime, before Lady Gaga did her halftime entertainment.  One team led by a lot of points.  The other team had few points and seemed to be going nowhere.  I judged the losing team as inept, old, washed up, yesterday's news.  The evidence was in, no?  No.  The game goes for two halves, not one.  The so called "losers" came back in the second half and won the game in overtime.  I looked at all the texts messages with my friends.  We all seemed to have the game over by halftime.  We all judged based upon "evidence."  The truth is, we only know a little about anyone and most things.  Our delusion is that we know all, kind of like God.  We are not God, we who write people off and judge them as losers.  I can look at the first half of my life, well, the first three quarters, and say, "What a mess, such a loser!"  But I still have today, that is, time.  God is not judging, but rather rooting for me.  Be positive.  The past is just that.  It is done.  History.  You have today.  The New England Patriot football team never gave up.  That is why we call their feat, "Uplifting."


  1. Thank you!
    I needed this today...

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