Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Do you sometimes think of suicide?  Think you are abnormal and crazy?  You are not.   Lots of people have the "suicide" thought come up at one time or another.  Children, teenagers, college students, dumped lovers, dumped from a job, divorce, bankrupt finances, senior citizens, widows and widowers and addicts are at least a partial list.  So if all these people might have a suicide thought, why do you think it is abnormal?  What is normal?  You don't really know, because few people will be that honest with you about things that embarrass them or for which they feel some shame.  Thoughts don't kill us.  Just don't stay alone with the thought.  Call someone.  Meet with someone who you trust won't judge you, like a friend, and tell what you were thinking.  Suicide thought lose a lot of power when revealed to someone who accepts us.  It is good to have a list of people who accept us no matter what.  We are not alone in our thoughts and we need not be alone with our thoughts.

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  1. Throughly enjoy your writings and look forward to them each morning