Monday, July 2, 2018

A Problem

When wisdom literature such as the Bible says that something is a problem it does not mean that it is bad in itself.  Example: money or material wealth or just lots of stuff may not be bad in themselves.  But they can become a problem if they master us and get in the way of other beneficial things/activities. Does money rule your life?  Do material possessions rule your life?  Do they prevent you from doing some other things beneficial to yourself and maybe others.  If you say "I would like to meditate, but am too busy," what is the busy about?  Are you too busy making money or buying things, to allow time to pray?  To attend to a love one?  To care for someone who could use a little TLC? Sleep is the same issue.  Not getting enough sleep is not bad in itself, but it leads to problems such as being too tired to do necessary or important things.  When you hear Jesus say, "Choose God or mammon," is is not that mammon is bad, just that it gets in the way of choosing God.  So what gets in the way of you having a fuller life, rather than a busier one?  Busier is not fuller.

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