Sunday, July 8, 2018

Looking-Glass Self

The phrase, “looking-glass self” refers to seeing ourselves through the reflection of others who care about us.  How do your friends see you?  This will tell you a lot about who you truly are.  At times, we invent a self for the sake of a job interview, promotion, reward, or to control others.  Sometimes we create a false self because we do not like the person we “think” we are.  But we may not be that person at all, or only a little bit of that person.  I think of myself as selfish and whiny, but friends see something else in me.  I am surprised at all the goodness they see in me, or the way they see me being of use to the world around me.  One woman said, “You have no idea how much influence you have in people’s lives here.”  Well, no I don’t, so I need the “looking-glass self to be shown to me, to give me a balance, to enjoy the best of me, and wallow in the love.  Too often, when we look at ourselves without any “second opinion” it is like looking at a wall and thinking we are seeing ourselves.  So be a “looking-glass” for someone who has a negative sense of themselves.  Practice love.

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