Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Ball

Didn't Jesus say to become like a child?  I think that all spiritual path leaders might have this image in mind when it comes to prayer.  Think of a child who plays with a ball.  Then the child drops the ball, puts it down and goes onto something else.  The ball rolls into a corner.  By and by, the child comes looking for the ball to play with it again.  And so on.  This is being childlike.  The ball is like prayer time with God.  At one moment you are focused on prayer.  It consumes your attention.  Then you are done, put prayer aside and go onto something else.  You still care about prayer, just as the child still cares about the ball, but not twenty four seven.  By and by, you come back to prayer.  If you want to be a saint, first learn to be a child.  And even if you don't envision sainthood in your future, still become like a child when it comes to prayer.  The child is a better child for playtime, less fussy, and you will be too if you are childlike about prayer.  Cranky babies are a lot of work.  So are cranky adults.

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