Saturday, July 7, 2018


You can learn a lot from a crocodile, whose meat, by the way is more tasty and tender than chicken, I hear.  The crocodile has enormous patience.  It knows how to wait.  It does not forage after food.  When hungry it floats in the water, like a log, for days until its food comes along for a drink. Then the croc strikes.  All around it, fish are chasing after food, but the croc does not give in to the pace of the masses.  It can live to be 110 years old.  So patience may pay off.  Do we know how to wait, as in prayer or love, or friendship? Must we be so into trying to make things happen and judgmental of those who move at a slower pace?  Meditation is waiting and being patient.  Are you in a hurry to read this blog and get on to the next thing?  Hmmm.

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