Thursday, July 19, 2018

Maria Meneses

Maria Meneses grew up with money in Nicaragua.  But illness made her take a second look at “the meaning of life.”  She moved to Costa Rica as a Salesian sister and taught rich kids, as the church did back then in Central America, early 20th century.  But that “meaning of life” question was not yet satisfied.  Maria saw her true vocation: forming the consciences of the rich young girls to minister to the poor. She called her girls, “little missionaries,” offering instruction and material help to the poor girls in schools for the poor.   Then Maria went on the found schools, soup kitchens, and clinics.  What fascinates me is the step by step progress that one makes, starting out with a bad break, (illness in her case) and asking that question, “What is the meaning of life?”  That is how I ended up a Catholic priest, who had an MBA from Columbia School of Business.  Be careful when you ask that question.  You might get an answer that will change your life.

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