Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Baobab Tree

The Baobab tree thrives in hot, dry climates where nothing else seems to grow.  Its fruit is the tartar used in your toothpaste.  When a disease strikes the Baobab, the plant explodes from within to be rid of the sickness.  This causes gaping hole scares on the outside of the tree, but it is healthy again.  What might we learn from our friend the Baobab?  When the disease of hurts from the world around us get inside of us, we tend to hold onto them in resentments and seek revenge or hate whatever caused the hurt.  We “look good on the outside, but are messy on the inside.”  Why not explode from the inside in forgiveness and love?  It might cause scars on the outside, but we would be healed on the inside.  Don’t Christians say that when their Jesus rose, he had the scars from those who tried to hurt and kill him?  He was rather loving and accepting too as I recall.  Are you worried that you are letting others off too easy?  You assume that your hating them or not forgiving will make them feel badly?  Oh you of little power.  And all this resentment time, you are feeling miserable and sick inside.  Learn from the Baobab which flourishes in desert conditions because it lets go of the bad stuff.

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