Sunday, July 15, 2018

Money Or Time

Some of us say we are not grasping people.  What is often meant is that we are not grasping for things, possessions or money.  But we are often still “grasping” people.  We grasp for time.  We never have enough time to satisfy all the voices in our head for tasks or identities we take on.  What to do?  I think some meditation might help though a voice in our head will immediately complain, “I have no time for this!”  It is just another voice. Mediation does take time but then it might free us, that is, seemingly give us a sense of more time, because mediation tends to quiet some of the more disruptive voices in our head.  How does that play out?  We begin to prioritize, and even let some things go, because we will notice that the energy to produce in some areas is based on shame, guilt, and fear that we are not enough.  There are so many things I “could” be doing, but then I am already crazy enough.  I can never “do it all.”  I am not God.

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