Monday, July 9, 2018

The Eland

The Eland is the largest of all the African species of antelope.  Thus it is quite slow.  Predators could easily outrun an Eland and that would be bad for the Eland.  But, the Eland has a gift.  It has a unique air-conditioning system.  Instead of sweating out heat, losing water, panting, it stores the heat and gives it off in the cool of night.  Thus the Eland can live in dry and very hot areas where its predators cannot survive.  The Eland has endurance for harsh climates.  How do you endure harsh situations?  What is your emotional or spiritual cooling system?  In the “cool” of the morning, if you will, I practice meditation, and take a look at possible shortcomings in my personality, so as to steel myself to not let them take over when difficulties come to me later in the day.  I might check in with others during the day to get some wisdom in how to endure what cannot be avoided in my day. There might be a difficult relationship, a shortage of something, suffering from the poor planning of another, or just plans gone array.  Meditation and asking for help are ways to toughen up for the arid times.

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