Monday, July 16, 2018


Voluntary poverty is something that saints seem to practice.  It made them better people.  There is a form of voluntary poverty we can all practice that will do the same for us and make us “saints” too!  Say what?  It is the acceptance that I simply do not have enough, and that is OK.  We don’t have enough time, knowledge, patience and stamina to do it all.  We can simply do what we can do with what resources we have and move on.  None of us have it all.  We are mere humans, but glorious humans!  Fantasy world is not a human world because it has no limits.  It is inhuman.  We might call some people inhuman because of the terrible things we judge them to be doing.  But we treat our precious selves inhumanly when we try to do the impossible.  I try to accept the poverty of my human self.  I write imperfect blogs, limited in wisdom, yet I write them. Some days are better than others.  But if I held myself to a standard of perfection, I would write nothing.  I hope that would upset at least a couple of you!

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