Monday, May 14, 2018


I was about to post a blog for today, and something in me kept saying that May 14 was some special day.  Like what? Duh!  I suddenly realized that I was ordained a priest on this date 41 years ago.  I had such high hopes then, mixed with some fear and sense of being overwhelmed on this day so many years ago.  I was going to fix a lot of broken things, make the world a better place, make a difference.  I was sincere but a bit ego-centered.  I would find out, not soon enough, that I first had to fix me, and that would take a spiritual journey I had not envisioned on the day I was ordained.  What I know, is that God had my back, even though I was delusional.  Though some people tell me that I am a good priest, I see myself as good, given all my faults, and weaknesses.  That is, I could be a lot worse than I turned out.  And maybe I am still growing.  I would like to think so.  As long as I don't get stuck in my ways, I can be open to that Power, God, who has my back.  I still have work to do, on myself and for others.  Or God has work to be done and I just string along.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    You are most certainly helping to change the World for the bettet, with the service work that you are doing!

    You have changed many Lives, for the better!

    Thank you :-)

  2. Thank you,Fr. Terry, for "stringing along" with God's work for 41 years. You have given so much to so many through your work. It's why we always love to have you back in Boulder. Your reminders that "God has our back" and "helps us with the heavy lifting" no one else can say in quite the same way.