Sunday, May 6, 2018

Worthy Touch

In some early Christian communities it was a custom to take some of the Eucharistic Bread home so people could partake of it each day during the week.  There were no church buildings as such then.  Mass was celebrated in homes on the Sabbath.  The early church thought people worthy enough to touch the consecrated bread, carry it with them and have it in their homes.  Way different than when I was introduced to Holy Communion.  We had somehow over the centuries become so unworthy to touch the Eucharistic Bread.  We received it on our tongues and had to swallow it before it melted, but don't let it touch any other part of our mouth.  It took skill to be a Catholic.  The church went from where the people were most worthy to host God at home, to where they were most unworthy.  The priest took communion to the sick.  You see unworthiness issues cloaked in other reasons all the time in rules and ordained, as to who can do which with what.  Who can touch this but not that.  I try to emphasize worthiness, but am probably breaking some rule.  I will plead ignorance rather than arrogance when I come to judgment.  Do you burn for trying to uplift someone's self-esteem?

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