Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The spiritual life is not something separate from "normal" life.  It is not like bifocal glasses with two separate parts in one lens.  The spiritual does its thing at spiritual time and then everything else is our normal everyday activities.  We don't meditate in the morning and then put that all aside and go about our business.  The morning meditation infuses the daily activities of our day.  Meditation can give us a second opinion on how to respond to a situation that arises during the day.  We don't so much say, "What is the spiritual thing to do."  We just have a notion or inclination or inspiration to act in a way that proves better for our overall growth and wellbeing.  The thought may come to mind to call or contact someone simply as an outreach.  We sense a world that includes us and calls us to be a part of it by taking action.  We isolate less and connect more.  We don't meditate with a plan for the day.  We simply meditate, like doing any exercise.  The day will work out better for us and others.

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