Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Truth

I believe that one’s idea of truth comes first from experience.  They think their experience to be the truth.  Only later, with other experiences, and listening to others, reading and so on can they come to know a fuller truth.  Example:  why is the Pacific Ocean called “pacific?”  My experience is anything but that, when I look at the ocean on the shores of Northern California.  I would call it almost violent in its power and huge waves pounding against rocks and shoreline.  This is my experience.  Magellan had a vastly different experience.  He discovered the Tierra del Fuego, 400 miles of treacherous currents going around the southern tip of South America.  Windswept rocks and surging seas, currents going every which way.  When he got to the other side, the waters seemed calm in camparison.  So he called it the “Pacific Ocean.”  So be careful when you call your unexamined experience the “Truth.”  My experiences are a rather narrow world.  Ask. Read, Study. Seek.  Humility will be the engine that drives you.

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