Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Weather

I was on the way to the airport yesterday to fly to New York to see old friends, my Paulist community of priests, ordinations, museums and dinners.  On the bus to the airport I checked my email...too late, it seems, for my flight was cancelled due to bad weather at Newark airport.  The best I could do is the one available seat on Friday.  Bummer.  But the weather is not my fault.  So this is where I get to practice "life on life's terms, and acceptance of things I cannot change.  I try to keep boundaries between this weather reality delay, and my feelings, real but useless.  I did pretty good.  The feelings?  OK, they are, "God hates me," "Why me?" "My life is a mess," and then whining, self-pity, resentment, and fear.  They all come up, but they did not win out yesterday.  It turns out that other Paulists trying to get to NY also were delayed, and rerouted to other cities to spend the night or drive to New York in a rental.  I got to go home to my bed in Boulder, Colorado.  It is beautiful here, so I walked, got a haircut, met with lovely friends who accept me, and picked up some work for when I get back, assuming I get out to the ordinations which are on Saturday.  A spiritual program works, even for me, at least today.

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