Wednesday, May 2, 2018


For me, the monastery is my "reset" button.  In all the other places I live or work, over time things go off kilter or amiss in me.  I get a bit out of sync in my spiritual practice due to other demands or the usual unexpected events that come into my life.  The monastery is where I begin to get back on track.  One of the things I work on here is the acceptance of life on life's terms.  "Stuff happens," as we all know. I can get caught up in resentment, or self-pity, but stuff will still happen because I cannot control the outside stuff, the decisions that others make that affect my life, though I may have little to no input into such events.  If I am properly reset when I leave here, then I have no expectations that things in other places where I live will be this or that.  Things will be as someone else wants them to be, and I just try and fit in or stay out of the way.  The monastery grounds me in contemplative openness.  Right now there is no hot water in our monastery bathroom.  Two days ago there was no water running in our monastery bathroom.  God is always working me over.  Where is the "reset" button?

1 comment:

  1. Seems the "Reset Button" is working just fine!
    You COULD carry water from the creek, and heat it on the stove... or whine...
    "God helps those who help themselves"
    ...I used to HATE it when the nuns said that...