Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Attitude To Action

When in a group, I have two attitudes about being of help.  One: I don't have to do anything.  Two: I get to do something.  If the first attitude, I sit there and let others do what seems to be needed.  There are other people who want to do stuff in the gathering, so let them.  It is not necessary that I be of help.  In this attitude, I do not grow much.  I participate, but at a less transforming way than if I have attitude number Two.  In this second attitude, I realize that the meeting, gathering, group, is an opportunity for me to be of some service.  Here, I find that I do grow not only within myself but within personal connections and bonding with others in the group who might be of service alongside me.  Even when I walk into an office, I try to ask myself, "What can I do to be of help to others?"  It may be saying hello, or how is your drive in to work, or how are you, or maybe just ignore someone because they seem at that moment to be concentrating on something. Say hello to someone else. Sometimes people are falling into isolation and maybe I can help to bring them back. The point for me is to avoid ISOLATION at all costs.  Is that a bad place for you too?

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