Thursday, May 24, 2018

Beyond Dogma

It is said by some that they are going beyond dogma to seek a deeper spirituality.  I wonder if they will end up finding a deeper dogma, which is still dogma and maybe not so much deeper than dogma that took centuries to develop.  One thing I like about dogma, teaching that has lasted the test of time, argument, development over the ages and cultures, is that it has some sense of basis that can connect people.  Truth connects.  You can deny a dogma, but to dismiss it as OK but not for you, is to end up where?  Some might say, "This is my truth."  Well how much truth is it if it is only for you?  I think the value of truth is that it connects you to a larger group that acts to better the world based upon a common truth and vision that enlarges us.  Jews in this country make a big difference in our culture, and I don't think it is because each one is going beyond their dogma to a deeper truth.  Dogma is tribal, and the connections are what gives the energy and vision to make the world a better place.  Dogma can explain the larger world beyond the individual.  I would see myself as a meditator who has a dogma.  I am less self-absorbed this way.

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