Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The wait person in restaurants has a tough time in many instances.  They serve and struggle.  Maybe when we eat out we can be of service?  It is up to you but here is a little background on the tip world research.  First, there is no evidence that links attentive service to better tips.  But there is a correlation of better tips to something else.  What, you ask?  Looks.  The attractive women gets better tips.  Think about that one.  Now, there is a federal tip credit provision.  It allows owners to pay a sub minimum wage with the expectation that the tips will bring the worker up to or beyond the minimum wage.  This sub minimum was frozen in 1996!  So, some states raised their own sub minimum. Arizona "raised" theirs to $7.50 but West Virginia is $2.62.  Plus, servers find it hard to get enough hours of work each week.  We all have our own attitudes toward tipping.  But for me, I will keep all of the above in mind when I eat out in the future...assuming good service.

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