Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Spider

I like this about the spider.  Why does it make its web where it does?  Wind, as in the breeze.  The wind blows little bugs toward the web, but the wind also helps make the web.  How?  The spider spins a length of thread, and attaches it to a board.  Then lets it go.  The spider waits.  The breeze, enough for a spider, blows the spider to the other side of the board frame.  There, the spider continues to spin the web.  The spider has a place to start.  Let go and let the breeze, or let go and let God, Power that is not the spider, Mother Nature.  The spider gets out of the way so that the power of the breeze can go to work.  What a metaphor!  You start to build a life that will nourish you.  You have to let go of resentments and character defects that would otherwise weigh you down and make you too heavy for the Power to  do its thing.  Know when to step aside.  In some circles it is called, "Let go and let God."  So be nice to spiders.

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