Tuesday, May 22, 2018

False Belief

Some people feel that if they ingest, buy, put on something they will feel prettier, younger and more comfortable in their clothes, especially summer wear.  They believe that something from the outside will make a change.  And true, it does make a change, in the way they feel.  But this is temporary, since the reality will not make them younger or prettier or better looking.  The feeling though is real, but it is temporary.  And what you usually buy or ingest is not a good idea, since it had no practical value.  Take for instance, a drink of vodka.  It has nothing to do wit thirst or vitamins or energy.  It is to change a feeling, a mood.  It is all so temporary.  Two vodkas would extend the feeling, the fantasy, maybe.  Or it will rob you of some of your senses and motor abilities, and then you won't look so pretty or young at all.  Three vodkas, is bye bye.  Or you buy more stuff, not because you need more stuff, but you need a change in how you see yourself.  If I want to feel better about myself, I try to find a friend.  They always see me at my best, even when they can point out or notice I am struggling.  For struggles, I would suggest you not try drink or stuff.  Work on friendship.  Give time and energy to friends.  Then you will spend less time worrying about how you look.

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