Thursday, May 31, 2018

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of meditation is not so much to have spiritual visions, feel better, calmer, but rather so that we can do actions that are helpful to others who are in need of help.  But there is more.  Meditation helps us to do good acts, as good people.  Mediation changes us from within, so that we become more consistent in our connection with others.  A person might do a good deed, but maybe for reasons that have little to do with a pure heart.  To gain something or avoid a loss.  It is so sel-serving.  Look at AA for instance.  They meditate in step 11, so that they will be more consistent in step 12, which is to help others, not when it suits them but even in tough times.  If I ignore mediation, I might be nice, helpful, kind and comforting in one instance, and then soon thereafter I am all about me, whining and upset at demands made upon me.  You don’t want me on a day that I ignore the interior life.  I am a monster!

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